To really understand your skin we need to understand beyond the surface, using some of the latest technology, our therapists have the ability to respond to real skin needs.

Understanding your skin below the surface...

While our skin consists of multiple layer, only the surface is visible to the naked eye.  To help better understand your skin's condition we take a closer look using the Observ, this allows your therapist to accurately diagnose  and recommend the best skincare and treatment plan for  both your current and longer term needs.

How does it work......

The Observ is a diagnostic imaging device which visualises your total skin condition, including the underlying layers known as the Dermis and Hypodermis . The patented technology behind the Observ is based on the use of different kinds of lights on the face. This gives your therapist a clear understanding of your skin condition, with the added benefit of recording how your skin changes during your treatment plan.


The place to start for lasting results.

$50 Skin Analysis Consult