The skin has an incredible ability to absorb light, and through MAX+ LED Light Therapy, we use this painless medical-grade treatment to our advantage.

The most effective non-invasive skin treatment.

Light, broken down into visible wavelengths, interact with individual cell functions to calm inflammation, act as kryptonite to acne, stimulate collagen production, hydrate deeper layers of the skin and restore a perfect internal balance. This treatment is completely non-invasive and UV free. It's all about working below your skins surface to communicate with cell functions.

LED treatment is perfect for all skin types and conditions, and is integral to restoring impaired, sluggish and inflamed skin conditions.

We use a MAX+ LED machine- known for wavelength precision (vital for true cellular rejuvenation) and cellular response time; we’ve fondly nicknamed him MAX.


Begin (and commit to) your long-lasting, flourishing relationship with MAX.

10 x LED Treatment Prepaid Package $399

Give your facial an extra oomph!

$20 Facial Add On