We can help you rid unwanted hairs for good. With Electrolysis, our therapists will ensure you achieve a look that is natural, hair free and permanent.

Stop letting unwanted hair negatively impact your life.

Real Results, Combined with Professional, Caring service. It's time for a treatment that will leave you feeling confident, happy and hair free for good.

How does it work......

At the salon, our trained expert uses IPL, which is a treatment that is effectively trying to destroy the blood vessel that feeds the hair papillae, by using controlled heat and light sources, thus resulting in hair reduction. Usually a series of treatments is required to achieve long lasting results, ranging from a minimum of 4-6, and possibly up to 8-10 treatments.

When the light is emitted from the hand piece, it tries to detect a dark chromophore below the surface, in this case a hair shaft. For this reason, IPL is only suitable for dark hair, as it cannot detect a chromophore in whit or grey hair. Ideally, fair skin is better to treat, as the light by-passes the chromophore in dark skin (melanin) and goes straight to the hair papillae. However, at laser express we use hand pieces suitable for dark, tanned even black skin. For this reason it is important to know what equipment your operator is using.

Permanent hair removal using Electrolysis.

10mins $30
20min $40
30min $50